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ok Im broke!

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ok Im broke!

Post by Mingerjosh on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:06 am

Ok we have an arcade an forum an upcoming mmo but we have no extra income to show 4 it so I want to start a little money making project if interested post here we'll need a domain I have hosting so thats taken care of. well need some active staff to make the site good someone who can advertise the site like youtube and twitter/facebook. we also need content something that could make us money cuz im so broke I cant even pay most of my bills and im tired of everyone around me online making thousands of dollars I believe its are turn to make some of that cash are selves. We could start an anime site, shopping site, something that will bring in members daily and look professional, now this will take some money so if anyone can contribute and willing to take a risk with us we will share are earnings with you no problem. If you can contribut even if its a dollar send it to my paypal and me and dwight could start asap with watever money we gain then hire help such as yourselves and get us a piece of that online money pie. If interested my paypal is xxmingerxx@gmail.com
only do this if your serious, I will right down the names of all who donated and you guys will be the 1st to get full access to the site we get started and get unlimited benefits and will be the 1st in line for any jobs you may support us with on the site.

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