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Map Pack #3

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Map Pack #3 Empty Map Pack #3

Post by Hannibal on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:19 am

Map pack #3 Is live! For the BFBC2 Gamers that havent gotten the info Very Happy
And ofc again, the Xbox360 and PS3 will have it a little bit earlier than us PC gamers..(screw console PLATFORM Very Happy)

Map pack #4 will also soon be heading out for the gamers Very Happy FOR FREE, as for mw2 gamers,, then have to PAY! (PWNT <''3)
I love DICE and EA for their awsome crew and developers (:

PC players will have the maps available after the release of the next update without the need for a VIP code.

For more info: http://badcompany2.com/index.php?


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